My Nutrition Journey

January 16, 2019





If you are questioning whether a degree in Nutritional Medicine is the right path for you, then hopefully my little blog will make your decision easier. I am going to discuss with you my rocky, yet successful, path to finding my passion that is Nutrition, and discuss the benefits of studying this degree in a supportive learning environment like Endeavour College of Natural Health.

To begin, we need to back track a little.


My very early teenage years were excellent. I was a very confident and positive young person however, at the age of 14 I began struggling with poor body image which was mainly attributed to school bullying, particularly relating to my weight and height. Over time, I developed a lack of control around food and ate for comfort rather than nourishment. This cycle of bad choices caused a domino effect of health problems for the next decade.


When I was 19, I was finally ready to implement change. I no longer wanted to make excuses for not taking care of my own health and was tired of feeling unwell, unhealthy and unhappy. I began by cutting down my portion sizes, eating ‘real foods’, reduced my sugar intake dramatically, exercised four to five times a week with a mix of cardio and weight training. Whilst implementing these changes, a passion for recipe creation, food photography and blogging flourished naturally.

By the age of 22, I had a nursing qualification under my belt. Although I enjoyed this role greatly, I soon realised that this was not my calling and I decided to continue studying in a health-related field to help expand my knowledge and skill set.

This was when I found Endeavour College. I discovered a place that could offer easy to access online classes, a close-knit learning environment on campus as well as their own Well nation Health Clinic for students to gain hands on clinical experience.

After attending an open day at the College, I was bounding with enthusiasm and applied straight away. From the moment I began my study journey at Endeavour I knew I was in the right place. Being surrounded by likeminded health conscious people was incredibly motivating and I was lucky enough to become close friends with my classmates. Not only was I surrounded by great students but also wonderful lecturers and clinical supervisors. The Endeavour staff were always willing to go that extra mile for me and provided support throughout the good and bad times that came my way.


One of the main things I love about Endeavour College’s approach to natural health is the idea of holism. They teach students look at a person as a ‘whole’ to improve their health rather than a singular component. I felt privileged to develop this skill as it helped me think outside the box and grow as a student practitioner.

After I graduated in July 2018, I took the knowledge, skills and holistic approach taught to me by Endeavour and started my nutrition consulting business. I now conduct home based consultations as well as in my clinic room at Romeo’s Wholefoods in North Adelaide. Although this whole process has been a tad daunting, I felt Endeavour empowered me to be able to sustain and grow my own business as well as successfully help clients in my community to achieve their health goals.


I hope this blog has helped you make an easier decision on whether Nutritional Medicine is the right path for you.


If you decide to go in this direction, don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat; I promise you that it is a career you will not regret.





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