About Me

Hello; my name is Edan & I have a serious passion for creating and photographing beautiful, wholesome, delicious food!

 Thank you so very much for taking the time to check out this little website of mine! It honestly means the world to me and I hope I can help and inspire you along the way.

 I am so interested in the reasons why we eat the way we do. Our relationship with food is such a vital component of a healthy lifestyle, and it can have such a huge impact on our overall wellbeing: I discovered this for myself when I was only fourteen years old.

 At this age, I was classified as overweight. I was being bullied severely at school, and was dealing with my own personal demons.. This caused a domino effect of health problems for the next half-decade.

 When I was nineteen I turned a corner, and decided it was time to change.. I began making positive choices for me and my body. I was eating better, exercising regularly, practicing mindfulness and breaking the chain of my bad relationship with food. In one year I lost over 24kg and developed a love for health, food and wellness!

 Don’t get me wrong, my weight still yo-yos with the seasons and I go through bouts of lack of exercise, bad food choices and being in a negative mind set - I’m only human! - the difference is now that I recognise it. Once I recognise and accept it, I can move forward in making positive changes to get back on track.  

I have discovered that no specific ‘diet’ works for me, and that the best thing I can do is listen to my body. Eating healthy nutritious meals 90% of the time, and indulging in treats that are made with real ingredients 10% of the time is what has worked for me!

 Our body works tirelessly to function properly and protect us, so by nourishing our body with healthy food we are giving it the love it deserves right back. 

As long as you are continually trying to improve and implement simple changes, you are on the right track. These things take time, patience and a whole lot of effort.

Please be kind to yourself, you really do deserve it.

 Edan xo

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