Naturally Edan is an Adelaide based Clinical Nutritionist.

Edan's specialty is the culmination of a person's nutrition and their environment, and how these together affect human health. Edan implements practical and achievable dietary and lifestyle recommendations for her clients, to support each other in a holistic manner.. 

She can assist with a broad range of health conditions, including:

Gut health
Weight loss
Cardiovascular Health
Autoimmune conditions
Skin disorders
Pre-conception care
Women's health


immune support 

Vegetarian and Vegan diets

Anti-Inflammatory Granola

Healthy Banana Bread

Pepita Snack Bites

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November 3, 2019

We have all at some point in time, felt the effects of a busy work schedule. Whether it be fatigue from staying up until 1am in the morning to finish that business presentation or managing multiple staff calling in sick during flu season. Some workplace sectors, however, have the added stressor of shift work.

Today’s society is increasingly focused upon a 24/7 economy, so the expectation to work all hours of the day continues t...

January 16, 2019

If you are questioning whether a degree in Nutritional Medicine is the right path for you, then hopefully my little blog will make your decision easier. I am going to discuss with you my rocky, yet successful, path to finding my passion that is Nutrition, and discuss the benefits of studying this degree in a supportive learning environment like Endeavour College of Natural Health.

To begin, we need to back track a little.

My v...

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